I feel privileged to have had the opportunity of taking several private lessons with Soul Salsa, as well as enjoying their regular group classes. Soul Salsa provide excellent tuition, with lots of useful advice, hints and tips. This is all delivered in a very patient and pleasant manner. In-depth knowledge of the origins and rhythms of Cuban music is combined with expertise in Cuban body movement. I recommend Soul Salsa highly for the very informative and enjoyable way in which they develop the dance skills of their students        – Jill T


Unlike many salsa instructors in the UK, Nikki has the rare talent of being an amazing dancer, musician and teacher. After attending group dancing classes for a number of years learning new turn patterns week in week out (but executing them poorly), I finally decided to book some 1-1 classes with Nikki to improve my dancing.

I was amazed at how quickly she was able to deliver visible results. Now even my basic steps and figures have been transformed. She taught me how to improve my posture, transfer my weight, lead my dancing partner, interpret the mood of the music and understand the instruments. Thanks to Nikki – I am now a more confident and experienced dancer with a wider repertoire of moves and much improved musicality. I strongly recommend private classes with Nikki to anyone who would like to take their dancing to a higher level. Friendly, patient and thoughtful, she is one of the best Cuban style salsa instructors on the UK scene. Her classes are reasonably priced and she always ensures her students get good value for their money     -C. S



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