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Sabor cubano

The Cuban salsa style is notorious for the unique versatility and fusion of a variety of historical reasons and dances such as Son, Danson, Danzonete, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Changui and others. Those reasons are originated in Cuba. The music interpretation is crucial for the dance and cuban have developed both the music and the dance. Their flavor is noticed from the way the walk, socialise and communicate as a commun natiture.

Rueda de casino

 The Rueda de casino is the most advanced form of the dance because of the complexity in the coordination of listening to the calls of the leader in the Rueda and the execution of the calls in time with the music and the number of dancers.

Often foreigners go to Tropicana shows in Habana and the get the wrong idea of what salsa is. It is totally different a show in Cabaret to how Cubans will dance on the street or boarding schools or the famous night clubs 1830 and Casa de la Musica in Cuba.

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