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Artbeat offers bespoke team-building drumming and dance sessions to meet our client’s specific requirements.

The sessions are led by facilitators experienced in delivering 100%  engaging, fun, accessible and informative sessions ranging from short team energisers to full day or weekly sessions. Our facilitators are experienced in working with diverse corporate groups in the UK and internationally including small groups up to conferences for over 1000 delegates have facilitated sessions for clients such as Rolls Royce and Barclays.

The sessions are guaranteed fun and effective ways to explore, challenge and develop your teams.

Energise and refresh your team

Leadership & Development


Positive  Communication


The unity of group music and drumming is an uplifting and energising experience and provides many opportunities to subtly address team challenges and build on individual and team strengths and creativity, increase confidence and positive communication.

No previous musical experience is required for any of our team-building sessions!!!

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Gamelan music Indonesia, Java, Bali

 Samba drumming  – A fun, loud and energetic session, guaranteed to get people moving and grooving and create a Brazilian carnival drumming band using a range of large drums and smaller hand held percussion instruments. Team members will learn rhythms in sections of instruments and bring them together following a series of visual and aural cues to create a samba band with opportunities for individual creativity.

African Drumming– Unity in group drumming, using Djembe hand drumming rhythms and techniques from The Gambia and other percussion instruments, team members will develop a piece by learning technique and rhythms  with opportunities for individual and group creativity to create a group piece .

Gamelan music– A unique experience using the amazing instruments of the traditional Gamelan percussion orchestra from Indonesia made up of giant hanging gongs, giant metallophones, drums and other ornately decorated and unusual instruments. A guaranteed fun and equalising experience. The music is instantly tuneful, uplifting, relaxing and therapeutic and the sessions can be designed to embrace a diverse range of team challenges such as leadership, change, problem solving and communication as well as opportunities for individual and team creativity.

No previous musical experience is needed and as the Gamelan is a unique set of instruments and way of playing music, it will be a new experience even for those with previous musical experience. You will be amazed at how quickly a piece of music will be created through building up rhythms and tunes on the instruments.

Salsa dance  A fun and energetic session. Team members will have fun learning to dance the basic footwork and movement of Cuban Salsa with the music and the option to learn how to lead/ follow a routine in partners. Partners constantly change during the session and we also offer the option of the rueda de casino – which involves everyone listening and following calls to carry out a simple group choreography.

Artbeat also offers event entertainment with Live Brazilian drumming,  Salsa dance and Latin themed events.

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Gamelan music Indonesia, Java, Bali

From the infectious hip-swaying, stress-busting Salsa, the energising Carnival sounds of Brazilan Samba, the uniting sounds of group drumming to the relaxing and therapeutic sounds of Indonesian Gamelan, we’ve got it covered!

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