Street Carnival Dance

Carnival Dance

Highly energetic – Carnival dance workshops are guaranteed to get everyone moving & grooving!

Dance Style

The workshops encompass a range of dance styles exploring movements such as the energetic and frenetic Samba /African moves, processional dance and acrobatics, break- dance, spins and street dance. You will be introduced to a range of styles and then encouraged to develop your own movements in groups to form a larger choreography.


You will learn to perform for each other in small groups – the workshops are carefully delivered to encourage individuals to express themselves. Enthusiasm and energy is inspired throughout.

Movements are drawn from the traditions of Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean including Hip Hop, Capoeira and Break Dance.

Sessions could be one-off taster sessions or developmental regular sessions.


Why not try…

These workshops could lead to a static performance perhaps combined with live drumming e.g Samba drumming. Or be part of a carnival procession. They are ideal for developing confidence in movement.

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