Music Composition

Music composition

Create your own group music composition!


These workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of the group and can work with all ages and abilities. Workshops  may range from exploring techniques such as  improvisation, chords, sequences, ostinatos, melodic/ rhythmic ideas to sound world explorations that could also be used to accompany another art form such as dance or shadow puppetry plays. 


Compositional ideas exploring textures, orchestration may also be addressed. These workshops could be based on a traditional form of music making such as Salsa , Samba, Gamelan, African Music, Jazz or contemporary western composition.


Alternatively, a particular compositional focus could be explored such as Minimalism where participants are introduced to a range of approaches to composition  by key composers from the genre and trying out exercises using instruments to highlight processes. Groups are encouraged to develop their own compositions using the instruments and the processes discussed.

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