Nottingham Gamelan group

 Gamelan Nottingham  ‘Naga Lelana’ (Wandering Dragon)



Learn to play the amazing instruments of the Gamelan orchestra made up of giant gongs, metallophones and drums. No previous musical experience is needed and all instruments are provided. It’s a great way to meet new people, try something new, relax, learn about other cultures and develop new skills. Due to the nature of Gamelan music, the sessions are suitable for all levels from complete beginners to professional musicians. No words can describe the experience of seeing and hearing these beautiful hand crafted instruments in real life. The look and sound is unique, its enchanting, mesmeric and relaxing to play and listen to.

Gamelan workshops are a great opportunity to learn to play an instrument, make group music as well as developing team work, communication and life skills.

A Gamelan is a traditional, large, tuned percussion orchestra made up of drums, giant xylophones and metallophones along with large hanging Gongs, flutes and stringed instruments that originates from Java and Bali in Indonesia. It is traditionally used to accompany dance and shadow puppet plays as well as entertaining in the courts and palaces.

Gamelan workshops are available for groups of all ages and abilities with flexible times and dates available. 

Regular open community Gamelan sessions will start in Nottingham from September 2017.