Samba Drumming

Experience the Carnival sounds of

Brazilian Samba Drumming!


The rhythms are intoxicating and guaranteed to get everyone moving and grooving! Think big, loud and energetic!

Artbeat provides workshops in Samba drumming -the Carnival sounds of Brazil, using a range of traditional large and small Samba drums and handheld instruments. This is an energetic, loud and fun workshop where participants will learn to play rhythms from the streets of Brazil.

Great for:

  • Teamwork & Cultural experiences
  • Carnivals, celebrations and performances
  • Key stage curriculum support, ensemble and musical skills
  • Staff training
  • Energisers and stress busting sessions.

An introductory taster session includes learning to play the infectious rhythms of  Samba on a range of instruments to develop a group piece that could also lead to a performance.  if the team is working the music works!

Facilitators are professional musicians having performed and trained with premier league Samba Schools in the Rio Carnival, Brazil and award-winning Carnival Samba groups in the UK including Nottinghill Carnival, Nova Guarda, Nottingham School of Samba and Sambawamba.

Sessions usually include some warm-up exercises working with rhythm and body percussion, clapping and call and response. After an introduction into the cultural context of the music the participants are introduced to the instruments and will learn a series of rhythms to be played in sections and as a group. All the rhythms are then put together along with introducing a series of visual and aural cues that create the framework for the music. Depending on the time available the workshop can also provide opportunities for group composition.

Why not try…

Samba workshops can be combined with samba dance or street carnival dance workshops where one group could learn the dance and the other play the music live to accompany the dancers or with Carnival arts workshops making masks or banners for a carnival procession or culmination performance.

It could also feature alongside other Art Beat workshops to make an interesting programme for a cultural arts week. Samba drumming.