African Drumming Workshops

Great for developing teamwork, ensemble and rhythm skills!


  • Teamwork/ Energiser activities
  • Corporate groups, Education and birthday parties
  • Curriculum support
  • Music, rhythm and ensemble development
  • Staff training sessions


African drumming workshops use the basis of West African rhythms using Djembe drums and other African percussion instruments to introduce hand drumming techniques and group music making. A fun and dynamic workshop that often begins with a warm up involving rhythm exercises using clapping and body percussion or voice. This is followed by introducing the participants to the instruments.

Techniques for creating the sounds using the Djembe hand drums will be introduced through a series of call and response rhythm exercises. A number of rhythms will be taught in sections and put together to form a polyrhythmic piece.

Using a series of aural cues the music will take shape and participants will be encouraged to improvise within the rhythmic structure.  The collective sound of drumming is a truly united feeling.

Due to the communal nature of drumming, this is an ideal workshop to develop teamwork, communication and listening skills and a sense of wellbeing through connected rhythms as well as an opportunity to develop rhythmic composition ideas. This workshop could also create a piece to perform to other groups.